Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meritt Financial - The Returns and Benefits of Investing in Silver

The investment market has changed drastically over the past 10 years. Investors looking for investment avenues are now more informed and well versed. Many professionals and professional organizations have also cropped up, these are now assisting investors in the management of their investment portfolios.  People know the reasons for investing in particular instruments, which are based on professional analytical processes rather than their intuition which used to be the case. Most of the reasons are purely geared towards higher returns. Although the investors seek to get the best possible returns from their investments they also look for investments that are well protected against a possible financial meltdown.

Global events in the last five years have changed investors’ perception of the investment markets. The bust of the housing bubble in 2006 and thereafter the financial crisis that had a global effect now influences how people conduct their businesses. Every investor seeks to have some level of stability. The stability sort for is meant to protect their investments from the effects of any unforeseen eventuality. Precious metals are known to offer a cushion against most of the major shocks that are suffered by the financial markets. They allow investors to rest easy even under difficult economic conditions. Of particular interest is the silver metal which has been resilient over the years making significant gains.

The art of investing in silver has seen a major transformation with many of the changes taking place in the last 10 years. Silver bullions have gained immense popularity in the last decade due to the fact that they have been giving the investors very good returns. The price of this precious metal has increased by over 100% over the period. It is a cheaper alternative for investors who want to gain from the precious metals market, much cheaper than gold. The benefits that investors stand to gain from investing in silver are;

1.      Liquidity

The metal is highly liquid, an investor can easily cash it. The liquidity of the metal is not restricted to particular nations or states, it is globally accepted and traded. Thus irrespective of where one is, as an investor you can easily access your precious metals’ worth anytime by liquidating it.

2.      Independent

The price of silver has a very weak correlation to the financial markets. Thus what happens in the financial markets has very little bearing on the metal’s price. This makes it an attractive alternative that gives investors a diversified portfolio.

3.      Stability

The financial problems that are being faced by the nation have weakened the dollar. The purchasing power of the dollar is gradually going down as a result of inflation. Silver offers investors with a viable option that can withstand the inflation. Basically, the value of the silver does not suffer immensely from inflation. 
4.      Low Price

Silver is also known as “the poor man’s gold” .This is because it is a precious metal that is traded at a relatively low price enabling many people to acquire it. This price makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to invest in precious metals but because of financial reasons s/he cannot get other more expensive metals such as gold.

5.      High Demand

The demand of silver the world over has risen occasioning an unsatisfied demand because the mines are becoming depleted as time goes by. Silver is used in imaging, jewelry, water purification systems and production of coins. This means that you can easily sell your silver whenever you need cash.

6.      Store of value

Silver is globally traded and accepted as a store of value. This means that silver has a value which is associated with it. Ownership of silver can be used to access this value at a later date.

This not withstanding care has to be taken by the potential investor to safeguard his or her interests. There are many dubious agents who are out there trying to swindle these investors their hard earned money. Whichever the avenue you take of getting into silver investment should at least guarantee you value for your money. Go for well known investment agents, agents with a reputation, this is very helpfully when it comes to online trading. This system does not allow for the ownership of a physical quantity of silver. Alternatively it is easier for you to directly buy and keep the physical silver. This is the easiest way of trading in silver with an assured return as you have the physical silver and can be able to dictate when and at what price you want to sell it. The investor has more control and say in his/her physical silver.

The other ways in which one can participate in the trading of silver include;

 1 Buying into individual miners

This is one of the hardest ways of participating in the world of silver trading. As an investor you will be faced by the forces of market volatility and other risks that the company might be facing.

Major Silver Miners
Pan American Silver - PAAS
Silver Wheaton - SLW (Mining financing company)
Coeur dAlene- CDE
Fresnillo - European
Silver Standard - SSRI
Stillwater - SWC
First Majestic Silver – AU

2  Buying of company shares

The investors can own a part of the firms that deal with silver and other precious metals by buying their shares. This is an easy and more attractive method compared to the buying of individual miners. It is less risky and highly liquid.

To sum it up, it is good to invest in silver as a plan for your retirement and future financial freedom. This is very attractive when one starts collecting early, as the value of the collection increases over the years you stand a better chance of getting higher returns after liquidation. You can secure your future by investing in precious metals of high value. One can invest in silver coins or bullions. Make use of your broker for sound advice and guidance in your silver investments. 


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